Referee Michael Oliver explains Liverpool error over Virgil van Dijk injury

Referee Michael Oliver has explained why Jordan Pickford’s foul on Virgil van Dijk in October resulted in a serious injury to the Liverpool defender, who will miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery.

Pickford made a poor tackle on Van Dijk and injured his knee, but referee Michael Oliver and other VAR referees were preoccupied with the defender’s offside before reaching the goalkeeper, and that ruled out the possibility of a foul on him. entered, thus saving Picford from being punished.

Referee Michael Oliver admitted that a mistake had been made and that Pickford should have been punished for Van Dijk’s mistake, but explained how things had gone and how the referee could not see what had happened. happened.

Oliver said: “At first glance, I thought we weren’t a recorder because there was an offside situation, and we need to check first offside. I think I told VAR ‘make sure it’s offside, and a recorder ‘ Michael Oliver explains how thought the Picford incident for Van Dijk during the derby match.

“I have watched it many times. I don’t think Pickford did anything other than stretch himself, but he stretched himself wrongly as the injury showed.

Oliver explains how they they thought about picford incident on Van Dijk: “All of us including myself and (all refrees), didn’t think the tackle was that too big. We would have given Ofsside and Pickford out of the game.”

Michael Oliver also said he was surprised the Liverpool players did not include a single player who claimed to have watched Van Dijk’s foul on Jordan Pickford.

Michael Oliver surprised how the Liverpool players were silent this incident: “I was surprised later how that not a single Liverpool player demanded anything from VAR and Jordan Pickford could be dismissed. “

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